High Priestess Enoch had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE so Enoch has a pure connection to the 'other side'.
This makes
High Priestess Enoch accurate with psychic readings, gives Enoch the ability to talk to the dead
as a Medium, and makes Enoch's magic spells powerful......

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My Training for High Priestess

How Enoch is the Psychic and Medium and Magic-Spell Caster she is today

My bloodline of 'magic' can be traced back to four generations. Even so, my near death experience gave me heightened
psychic-medium abilities, remote viewing  abilities, and pure understanding of magic
. I became involved with mystical
groups for many years and became a priestess, then was ordained as high priestess. I also worked as a
psychic-medium for (and was trained by) a Santara priest and Voodoo practitioner for 7 years. And I've been studying
other high magic for years.I lead a metaphysical group now. I maintain my Christianity, but obviously, I see things
differently than most orthodox views.


The Longer, Detailed Version
My family background is mystical to begin with. My maternal grandfather is a Master
Mason of the Blue Lodge, my grandmother a matron of the Eastern Star. My paternal
family line is traced back to the Strega (Italian Shaman). At birth I was christened and
later in life baptized.
As a teenager, I was involved in an automobile accident, interestingly caused by magic
put on me by an angry classmate whom did not realize how potent magic could be.
While in a 6 week coma I experienced near death and learned from the
other side. I even had emergency heart surgery.  While recovering (I
had to learn how to sit up, walk, and talk again), I realized how clearer
my psychic, telepathic and medium abilities were.
I became absorbed in the study of the metaphysical. I became a member of a study
group named The Holistic Spiritual Group for five years which I eventually lead for an
additional year.  I was ordained Priestess shortly after. I joined a 300 year old Druid
Circle (Bethany Coven of the Oak) and was ordained High Priestess Enoch. During this
time, I found that I had a powerful connection with the angelic realm. I became the
psychic reader and assistant for a shaman/santera/voodoo priest, who operated a
spiritual shop and practised certain high magic. Here I gave thousands of psychic &
medium readings to clients. I also learned a vast amount of Santara & Voodoo magic
from this 7 year adventure.
Today, I am known as High Priestess Enoch (HPS Enoch). I lead a large intense study
group . I still maintain my Christianity (though my views differ from the orthodox
church/biblical teachings). It is important to me to be diplomatic and loving toward all
people of different faiths.
Very few people have been to the other side like I have and
have seen the unconditional love we all come from. I am released from doubting there
is a loving God. I do not share fear that plagues most people. But ,as you can imagine,
I am always in a state of limbo. It is overwhelming to know that such a beautiful realm
of unconditional love exists and I am not there. I was told to come back to finish my
work here on Earth. And not to come back until I do.
What a mind job...

Quick Useful Information:
My Automobile Accident-  I was a teenager in a car accident spurred by hateful
magic, causing a closed head injury followed by a six week coma. Complications of my
trachea tube lead to surgery  on my heart artery.  After about a year of hospital stays,
I learned to walk, talk, and eat on my own again. Today I still have balance and hearing
problems.   I am however, an accomplished artist, writer and a licensed cosmetologist.
Plus I have built and maintained this big web-site your on now,
psychic spell
Masons- Also known as the Freemasons. This ancient group is becoming popular in
today's society with the movie
National Treasure and  movie The Devinci Code. A
master mason is a mason surpassing the highest degree/level of masonry teachings,
also known as a Shriner.
Eastern Star- This is also an old but very secret circle of women. They are the
feminine side to the Masons. The practises of The Eastern Star as well as the Masons
are kept secret.
Strega- The Strega are ancient Italian circles of 'witches'. They studied the character
of nature and the human psyche. The Strega worked with herbs, spirits, and
archangels. The Strega have influenced many covens today, whether or not it is
realized. The Gardenarian Covens in the States are close to the Strega traditions.
Santara-  a practitioner of Santeria, which is the magic of the saints and is very
honoured. It started in Haiti.
psychic- seeing past, present, future. I get visions, feelings, sometimes numbers.
medium- means I can communicate with other realms of existence. I can communicate
with dead people, spirits, angels.......................the list is endless.
Druid- One of the oldest circles to date. Archaeological evidence puts Druidism as
older than 10,000 years. Druidism has a theology covering things from astrology to
numerology. The Druids are very advanced. It takes many years to go through the
many levels of learning of various topics to become a clergy in a Druid Circle. It takes
12 years to be ordained as a Druid High Priestess (of which I am). Bethany Oak, a 300
year old Druid circle, ordained me.
High Priestess- It takes a different amount of years to become a high priestess in
different circles/covens.
Shaman- a miracle worker. Wise man or woman.
Voodoo- use of spirits, herbs, candles, and potions for magic. This is part of a
religion called Voudon. Voudon is a very loving Haitian religion. This fact is quickly
forgotten due to it's in-depth ties to the spiritual world.

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Psychic Spell Caster.com by High Priestess Enoch

Psychic Spell Caster.com, PsychicSpellCaster.com, has been on the web for atl east 5 years.
PsychicSpellCaster.com is hosted by High Priestess Enoch.
High Priestess Enoch experienced a near death
experience while in a 6 week coma. Enoch found a pure connection to the other side that could never be
severed as Enoch emerged from her coma. Enoch gained more powerful psychic gifts than what she had
before. And
Enoch can easily speak to the spirits on the other side with ease (whether dead people or
angels). This is called medium-ship. Enoch is an amazing medium. Enoch is an amazing psychic also.
Through this journey, Enoch has learned how high magic works and how powerful it can be. Via the spirits
Enoch calls on,
magical spells are cast. Throughout the many years, Enoch has studied and has been
trained as a Druid to focus her power to be a better psychic,medium, and magic spell caster.
Enoch was
ordained as a priestess, then years later to a High Priestess. High Priestess Enoch has lead many people
into finding their own psychic, medium, and magic spell casting skills.  High Priestess Enoch can teach you
magic lessons or psychic lessons. High Priestess Enoch can give you psychic or medium readings or
cast a magic spell for you.
Enoch can show you how to arrange your furniture for luck in certain areas of
your life (called feng shui). PsychicSpellCaster.com, hosted by High Priestess Enoch offers all services
psychic-related.  Not every psychic is a medium and not every medium is a psychic. High Priestess Enoch is
both of these:a medium and a psychic. Plus Enoch does powerful magic,doing spell casts and healings. Let
Enoch heal you.
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